"R-rated magic at its stunning best"

The Global Goddess

"The most entertaining show of the year"


"Definitely the hottest ticket in town"

Australian Arts Review

"An orgy of magic, comedy, and nudity"

LA Times

"Definitely one of the most visually stimulating magic shows in the world"

Sunday Herald

"Come for the magic, stay for the naked"

Las Vegas Review Journal

tour dates

Gold Coast, QLD

Wed 6th July @ 7:30pm

The Pink Flamingo

1800 289 669

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Brisbane, QLD

Thu Jul 14th @ 7:30pm

Fri Jul 15th @ 7:30pm

Sat Jul 16th @ 6:00pm

Sat Jul 16th @ 8:30pm

The Tivoli

(07) 3852 1711

VIP Meet & Greet Available

Redlands, QLD

Thu 28th July @ 7:30pm

Fri 29th July @ 7:30pm

Sat 30th July @ 7:30pm

Redland Performing Arts Centre

(07) 3829 8131

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Taree, NSW

Fri 5th Aug @ 7:30pm

The Manning Entertainment Centre

(02) 6592 5466

VIP Meet & Greet Available

Port Macquarie

Sat 6th Aug @ 7:30pm

The Glasshouse

02 6581 8888

VIP Meet & Greet Available

Coffs Harbour

Sun 7th Aug 2022 @ 7:00pm

Jetty Memorial Theatre

(02) 6648 4930

VIP Meet & Greet Available

Perth, WA

Thu 11th Aug @ 7:30pm

Fri 12th Aug @ 7:30pm

Sat 13th Aug @ 7:30pm

The Regal Theatre

1300 795 012

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what audiences are saying

Michelle Wessel

Hilarious, tasteful and intriguing! There wasn’t a moment where my girlfriends and I weren’t gasping or laughing. We were all completely enthralled with the show from beginning to end, and the whole drive home! Fantastic night out!

Jamie Novesky

It was a great girls night out lots of fun… funny and magical all in one and some sexy Australian hunks to play along with charm. My cheeks hurt from laughing so much!

Kara Edwards

Best show ever!! The magic is amazing, the comedy is hilarious and they are just smoking hot!! Cannot recommend seeing it highly enough. If you're thinking about seeing the show, just do it.

Jadee Armstrong

Omg absolutely amazing night, so funny, awesome magician’s 🎩 and the best show I’ve seen hands down! Will definitely be seeing you guys again! ❤️👍

Samantha Giusa

Awesome!! Loved it!! Sooo entertaining and would 100% see again

Phillipa Hampton

Such a fun night out 24 hours later my face is still sore from laughing so much, will definitely come again when your next in town!

Ruth Teague

Loved it. Funny, magical and hot. Thank you so much for a great evening I needed the laugh and an awesome night out.

Karen Gauld

My face still hurts from laughing so hard. What an absolutely awesome show, most definitely the best show I’ve ever seen. (Bold statement, but I mean it! You HAVE to take this show to Vegas!)
Had no idea what to expect, but was hooked from the first minute.

Anne Fairfull

Was a very entertaining show. The magic was excellent and the guys combined a very sophisticated level of naughtiness with it for the show. I highly recommend it.

Billy Stanley

Truly one of the best shows I've seen in a long time the comedy and magic were great never mind the HOTNESS on stage with Chris and Mike

Nicole Andrews

Last night was the first time I saw the magicians and I loved it!! They were hilariously funny and engaging. I would definitely go again and urge all who are thinking of going to go you will not regret it!! Thanks guys for a wonderful show!!

Ashlee Joseph

Absolutely brilliant. Funniest show, and some amazing magic done by sexy real MVPs. Definitely worth watching! You guys are legends.

Anita Orchard

Fabulous show. Laughed out loud all the way though... a much needed break from reality... Thanks guys xx

Kitty Bradley

The magicians are FUN-tastic. Great banter. Excellent magic tricks. Very hilarious. Funny jokes. Wonderful show

Leona Clanahan

Absolutely a fabulous comedy show. Tears of laughter all night long. Amazing humour and entertainment.

Charlotte Norwillo O’Donnell

The magicians are FUN-tastic. Great banter. Excellent magic tricks. VeryThese guys TOTALLY rock! No matter how many times you see the show it never gets old!!!!! hilarious. Funny jokes. Wonderful show


what audiences are saying

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